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Jordy Shiroken

Les Spradley

Hello JD
Hey JD Nimitz misses you, my daughter is getting married Sept 26 are you all available? Let me know. Les

Miss ya'll....can't wait to see uya'll woth new lead singer...hope its soon!

Hope y'all are doing great. Keep it up! Don't forget your old drummer.

good times
Uhhh ....Pat? I think you have us mixed up with another kind of "mercydate"-lol. That reminds me, Deb remember when we played Fiasco's and we gave that guy at the bar our Mercydate card and he thought we were prostitutes?....ahhh, good times.
Pat Williams

I have made so many friends through your site. Thank you!

Farewell and Thanks!!
I wanted to thank all the friends and family who have supported my time in the band. And many thanks to the band (Reed, Mark, JD, Wade, Thomas, and Scott...but most of all Lynda). I realized my life-long fantasy of singing and playing some good old rock and roll and for that I'm thankful. We had some fun, didn't we? We also played a scary place or two, right, Reed? You guys call yourself a country band?? Ha ha! So, keep on rocking and to my friends, you may see me soon with another band and maybe sometime with Lynda if I can reel her in. Keep smiling...Deb

Mercydate Lives......
Thanks John but Mercydate is alive and kicking. I just won't be kickin' it with them. I'm moving on to do some new things. The band is currently looking for a new lead so if you know someone.... In the meantime, stay tuned to see what's next for me and the boys. Much Band Love, Lynda

I heard this is your farewell tour? It's been fun. Thanks & good luck!

Hey - thanks for letting me play the cowbell! I've always dreamed of being on stage...maybe playing drums or lead guitar but HEY - gotta start somewhere, right? Oh, and...another $5 on whose hubby is the worst dancer? Bring money - I'll win!

Can't Wait
Hear y'all are playing at Retama. Finally hit the big time. Way to go!
Matt Schaefer

Wade Rocks!!
Wade is an awesome guitarist. Please have him e-mail me or call me at 262-2612

Rock on
We have been to a number of your shows and have enjoyed them all. It is always tons of fun to feel your sound. If you are just visiting this site and are wondering what this band sounds like, trust me they are a must see. They can do it all. Rock on Mercy Date.

Thanks for coming!
A special thanks to all of you who came out to see us at the Firehouse especially Scott's friend Jugs MaLoy. It was great to have you there!

Locked and Loaded
Mercy friends - come out and hear the band this Friday at Firehouse Pub & Grill. JD's back is all healed (no more new positions JD), I'll remember to bring my contact lenses and Scott promised to not forget his drum sticks this time (ask him what his new nickname is). We will be locked and loaded for this gig!

When are you guys coming to Cleveland?

down ladies down......
Ladies, please don't distract the boys in the band - they have enough trouble dealing with their A.D.D.
Super Fan

Scotty So Hottie
Saw Mercydate's new drummer. He ROCKS and I heard he's single?! Can't wait fot the next show

Bootylicious Bass Player
We girls have taken a vote and voted your bass player the coolest bass in town. We understand he is smart and we know he is talented and an awesome dancer. Keep up the great moves J D (Mr Williams!). From your Secret Admirers.
Maria & Ida

Hey Gang! Listening to ur music and luv it! Hope 2 see you soon!!! Keep rockin and rollin!
JD Williams, Jr.

Will some beautiful groupie (or someone) hurry us and drop some nice lines on how sexy that bass player is. He needs da luv. NOT TOO PROUD TO BEG... NOPE, NOT ONE BIT!

oooh I miss yall !
on of the sad things I remember about mercydate is that I haven't seen you guys in concert . but I sure have seen yall live . and that was fun ! I like you all a lot =]~

Great Show
Hey guys, I have really enjoyed your shows. You are all some pretty cool people. Looking forward to seeing you all again, I'll bring my posse out next time to do some serious dancing!! Keep up the good work.

Hey Guys!! realy had a blast hearing ya'll play Friday, June 1st and my date realy enjoyed the band too. Hope we will see ya'll again. Hey mark Please tell me you did not get any pictures of me dancing on the tables while stripping???LOL! I didn't drink that much did I???

Great music.
I like the new music y'all are playing. Keep rocking.

Hey ya'll! Keep up the good work and i'll be seein ya'll at Bennigans. I love everyones personalities(yall are cool to be around!) See ya'll lata! btw: the keyboarder is pretty darn sexy!

Gina Rowina - come out to play...or at least hear the band play. Bring your new boy toy!

Well the heading refers to the keyboard girl, but I`m sure the band are pretty good too. I`m a bit far away to hear these guys unless the volume is turned up a few notches but hey Debbie, come and bring me a blank CD, I1m sure we could make our own music.

Good music, great fun.
Hey everybody, I have enjoyed your music and the band is great. You guys rock! Great job at Fiascos last weekend. Can't wait to see you again! March 18, 2007

Nice Web Site
Nice job with the web-site Mark, Wade said you did a good job! Hope to hear ya'll again someday (other then a work event). Adrian

looking foward
i've heard great things about u guys and i will be out to see this sat 3/10 i'm really looking foward to your show

You are all Awesome
You guys sound great and I can give an honest answer since I have been there since the beginning. I look forward to going to your performances and seeing all of you. It is true what they say wine does get better with age, oops I said the age thing. Well, you all know what I mean! Love ya Lil

My cowgirl and I will be at Bennigan's next week. Loved seeing you and Wade at Texas 46 Wednesday night, Debbie. Please let your band know that we would love you to sit-in with us on February 14th. Web site: http://www.homefiremusic.com
John Guerra

Hey Wade!
Hi Wade! I met you just the other day and had a nice little convo. & I really want to come see you play...I remember you said something about playing in a local restraunt...Bennigans??? Is there anyway to confirm this...please let me know...here at; j_guerra_2000@yahoo.com Ps. I'll see if I can bring my buddy Tommy with me as well...the guy who likes to play guitar remember? Anyway be cool and safe till we meet again!!! Sooner than Later! John

Hope to see everyone out at the Fiasco's Halloween gig - it should be a real scream!

The Saga Continues
REMEMBER WHEN we had millions of fans and everyone loved us - and people would throw teddy bears and underpants onstage as we belted out our biggest hits......yea,..me either.

That drummer sure is goooood looooking.... Is he single?

I've heard...
....all about you and it's time I saw & heard for myself. I look forward to enjoying your music and show on May 31 at the 46th Grill. P.S. I'm NOT a producer from Las Vegas, but my brother-in- law knows a guy who dated a lady who had the same dentist whose uncle owns a bar. I think it's somewhere in North Carolina if you guys like to travel. Let me know...I'll do what I can.

I also have the pleasure of knowing everyone in the band and guys I am so impressed!! Bravo!! I even have friends at school(Incarnate Word) that are requesting your next performance date?? Wow!! Linda (Lead Singer) Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and WEDDING!!!! Everyone keep up the great work!!
timothy bass

guys I can't begin to tell you how much we appricate ya'll doing our wedding. I know everyone will have fun. By the way JD moms not made at me anymore. Tim

When are you playing again?!?
My friends have asked about you. We want to come see you gurys again.

Great site !
Deborah Oxner

Keep doin' your thing!!!
I enjoyed hearing you perform, it was a real treat. It was an honor to be in the same room. I hope to hear play again the next time I'm in town.

Rock on my friends!
Lilia Martinez

I have the pleasure of knowing all of the band members and not only are they talented and smart, but they sound great. Lilia

******* awesome!!!
Rock on Mercy! You guys are da bomb! Great site. Keep it up.

Really enjoyed your performance in Mertzon back in March. When the tour gets to the East Coast, I'll be there! Suggest extra large print for the sexy keyboard player!! Love you!!

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